“Ease of doing Corporate Compliances for Medium/Small Businesses”

Mr. Kamall Ahuja as Compliance ease expert have 21+ years of professional experience. He has dealt with 400+ customers to whom he successfully and timely delivered the required solutions to their needs to come over the problems and also helps them to create a system or environment so that they will not fear of risks of uncertainty in businesses.

He has helped people by advising them a suitable system or process, enabling them to explore more opportunities for their businesses rather than to devote time, efforts and energy on the routine nature of work or compliances.

During his professional career, Mr. Kamall Ahuja have written a book titled “25 secrets of uncontested Business” which elaborate his workings on Business Re-structuring.

Being a curious scholar, he is regularly adding academics in my profile and also sharing his knowledge on various regulatory topics at various forums via lectures, live sessions or virtual sessions.

In today’s Era, managing day to day affairs of business alongwith regulatory compliances as required under various statues would be a cause of concern or challenge for any entrepreneur.

Failing to meet regular compliance requirements in a timely manner leads to have big risk for the businesses may it effect today or in future. So, the challenge is to protect the Company from Fines and Penalties by having a system of ease of doing compliances as required under various Statutes. Thus, enabling the entrepreneurs to prevent its business from risky, uncertain and turbulent conditions.

There are competent professionals in the market today, ready and willing to help you at every stages of business cycle, not only at the stage of incorporation but also by managing all regulatory compliances through the long life of your organization.

Our aim is to professionally manage compliances of medium / small businesses by assuring good corporate governance practices and we are committed to provide Corporates, freedom from fear of regulatory compliances which are prescribed under various statutes and be adhered to in true spirit and on timely basis; promptly update all amendments / changes in Laws, such as taxes, legal, regulatory and environmental in the country, which affect your businesses.

As a corporate consultant, we assure corporate regulatory compliances to medium / small businesses by providing a system of ease of doing compliances, fearless compliance environment, of regulatory framework of the Country. Our commitment is to provide an environment to entrepreneurs / businesses where they would concentrate on their core area’s and creates valuable time to look other opportunities available in the environment. It prevents businesses from enterprise risk such as losing investors’ confidence, bankers’ trust, business credibility, authorities outlook and loyal associates including employees.      

Compliance is a business asset that, if used in the right way, can bring companies under competitive advantage, customer trust and optimise returns on investment. Compliance is not only ‘doing the right things’, but it is a way of working, essential part of businesses, investor’s confidence, way of providing a transparent and open culture. Remember, cost of non-compliance is always more than cost of compliance.

Regular and timely regulatory compliances provide a long-lasting comfort to investors’ confidence, bankers’ trust, business credibility, authorities outlook and loyal associates including employees.

Our Approach

Listen, understand, establishing requirements, execute and follow up

Our in-depth corporate compliance experience and proven dynamic professional are key to our targeted and tailored made specific compliance services to our corporate clients. We provide one-off and long-term support for a range of compliance services by designated qualified professionals to the companys’ specific compliance requirement.

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